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It really is a dream come true, traveling the world doing what I love. When I first made the transition to becoming a wedding photographer, I did it so I could experience more from life, walk into the unknown and travel the world. So far I can proudly say that I am very successful. Success to me is not defined on how many hours I work or what my bank balance is, it is quality of life.
I feel I can do so much more with this lifestyle and I have a sense of freedom. Freedom from the everyday grind that used to keep me in one place all year round.

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Since I started shooting weddings in 2013, I have had so many extremely incredible opportunities. Wedding photography has taken me around the world and back. I have shot beautiful desert weddings in Oregon, Utah and New Mexico and I have shot forest weddings in the Mountains of Big Bear California, Northern Italy and all around Australia. I have shot urban weddings in New York City, Chicago, Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and the list goes on.

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Obviously the quality of a wedding  is not based on the location. I always tell people, it wouldn’t matter if you had a wedding in the supermarket carpark! If there is love, it will be beautiful regardless.
I still remember my parents wedding. My dad proposed in our lounge room one night and they got married in that same spot, just with our closest friends and family there to see the ceremony. Mum cooked up diner for everyone and that was the wedding day. It was full of love and it didn’t need an epic location or Pinterest styling to make it beautiful.

I do think my modest upbringing has really gave me a good appreciation for everything in this life. I guess that is why I am so thankful for this business and the life I am living.

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So many people ask me a lot of questions regarding destination weddings. The most popular questions is, “why would someone hire you and fly you to a destination? Why wouldn’t they hire someone local?” Well, with the world being so connected with social media these days, often people can reach further for things they like. If you are in a location and you can’t find the right wedding vendor, it is so easy these days to get in contact with anyone, regardless of their location and hire them to be part of your wedding. Also, it can be hard to find someone you like in an area you are not familiar with. I often shoot Australian’s weddings in the U.S. just because they don’t know where to look in the local area and it can just be easier to bring someone from home.

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Another question would be, “how did they find you?” There are so many ways, Social media, online blogs, magazines and of course, word of mouth. Once you do a few destination weddings, people generally know that you are capable of traveling and they know you will be willing to join them on the otherside of the world for their wedding.

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People always ask, “does it cost a small fortune to travel to a destination wedding?” Transport these days is incredible and just keeps getting cheaper. With airlines competing with each other, new apps like Uber, new accomodation options with Air B&B, it is easier and cheaper now then ever before.

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