For the most part, my upbringing entailed a nomadic existence with my family. This consisted of makeshift homes made from the back of cars, tents, buses and anything in between. Although this upbringing wasn’t ideal in many ways, this non material existence and tight perimeters with my family, taught me what I consider to be most important in life. The love I share with my family, friends and wife are what makes this life beautiful, and is what I treasure most in the world.

This belief may be part of the reason I have such a passion for photographing weddings. This day is such an important part of peoples life. It is a rare opportunity to communally celebrate love, together with your partner and all the special people that you have invited to be part of this day.

Jai Long

Free The Bird

Free the Bird is a business purely driven by passion. Before starting Free the Bird I had a great paying job, a beautiful house and a nice car. It was all I could of dreamt of, but there was one thing missing and that was passion. It’s hard to live happily without this vital ingredient so (with the push of my wife) I put everything on the line and I started following my dreams. This was the beginning of Free the Bird.

Three years later I am still here, as passionate about photography as the day I started. I still get nervous with excitement before every wedding day and I still excitedly show Leelou all my favourite photos the next day. This is how I know I am still on the right path in life. The day the excitement goes away and I stop pushing my photos to be better then the last, is the day I put down my camera. Every couple deserve to have a photographer at their wedding that strives to do their very best every time they pick up their camera.

Free the Bird’s core values are simple. We create an experience so our clients feel comfortable, safe and well looked after from day one. We understand a wedding day can be a big venture for most people, so we make sure we eliminate any stress and keep everything we do very transparent. Our commitment to our clients is delivering work at the highest quality, that will last to be enjoyed by future generations.

Hey, would you like to have a look at some photos of our own wedding? Leelou and I got married in 2017 at both Rupert on Rupert and Montsalvat in Melbourne. And our photographer was Nirav Patel.
Check them out here: HELLO MAY