How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress In Melbourne

How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Gown In Melbourne

Finding the perfect wedding dress in Melbourne is such a personal choice. With each bride carefully choosing the look and style they love the most.

Gone are the days when a white wedding gown symbolised outdated ideas of purity, innocence and the end of your singledom. The modern wedding gown is all about expressing your personality, style and flair. Simply, it’s that epic dress (or suit/jumpsuit/overalls!) that you just fall in love with the moment you slip it on – the outfit that makes you think, “This is the one!”

Your wedding day is all about celebrating the beautiful love, romance and passion of your relationship…but I’d be lying if I said the wedding dress wasn’t a big part of the day too 😉 

So, how do you find the dress of your dreams? There are plenty of Melbourne wedding dress stores, but it helps to know what you want before you dive in head first. Here’s my breakdown of how to find your perfect wedding gown in Melbourne!

Melbourne wedding gown trends

When choosing a wedding dress in Melbourne you’re in luck! Melbourne is a city where anything goes, and I love that our wedding gown trends are so diverse. In 2023, I’m seeing so many gorgeous looks on brides, including off-the-shoulder gowns, square necklines, corset bodices and high collars. Loads of brides are also rocking stunning upcycled and vintage gowns.

But with so many options, how do I pick the right wedding dress?! No dramas. There’s no such thing as the ‘right wedding dress’, after all – only the right wedding dress for you. Every bride is different and unique, so if you’re not into trends, forget ’em and do whatever works for you. There’s no one style that’s the best, as it all comes down to your individual preferences. 

What type of wedding are you planning?

In Melbourne, I photograph everything from country chic winery weddings, outdoor weddings on the beach and in the bush, big fairytale extravaganzas. Even low-key elopements in the city followed by dinner and drinks. Before you start visiting wedding gown boutiques in Melbourne, spend some time thinking about the type of wedding you’re planning and the kind of dress that would work best for that environment. 

Sure, it’s all about style. But don’t forget about the practicalities. A summer adventure elopement in the outback, for example, is going to be hot! You’ll want a dress that isn’t too heavy, you can move around in and don’t mind if it picks up a few tears and a heavy fringing of our iconic red dust.

Consider your personal style

Next, do some research on wedding dress styles – there’s nothing wrong with picking up some Australian bridal magazines or losing a few hours to Pinterest! Whether your style is minimalist, glam, vintage, boho-chic or a full ball gown, screenshot some looks you love and bring them with you so that bridal shop staff can help you find something similar. 

As Moonstruck Bride, based in Fitzroy, explains: “Picking your gown isn’t just about settling for something flattering, you want to find a gown that complements your style and brings out your personality, that when you put it on you never want to take it off!”

I love photographing Moonstruck Bride wedding gowns because the folks there are so passionate and caring, working with every bride to find a dress that they fall head over heels for.  When you’re radiating confidence and happiness in your gown, this translates to amazing wedding photos! 

Find a shop that you love

There are so many wedding gown shops in Melbourne. You’ll find both independent boutiques and larger bridal shops on Collins Street, around South Melbourne and dotted around the suburbs. Our city takes wedding fashion seriously!

While the larger shops tend to have a bigger range, I find that brides often prefer the more bespoke experience of shopping with a boutique or independent designer. You may need to visit several types of stores to decide what’s right for you. 

Do some research online and then pop in to a few stores to get a feel for their selections, pricing and customer service. You want to find a shop you really love – the best wedding dress shops in Melbourne are the ones that make you feel welcome, go above and beyond to help you, and make the experience as easy as possible. 

“Your wedding gown is one of the most treasured items of clothing you’ll purchase in your life. We want you to be crazy in love with it, as well as delight in the experience of finding it,” says Moonstruck. If you can make a meaningful connection with bridal staff, this will help them help you – you can work together to find the perfect dress for your big day.

How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Gown In Melbourne

Trust your instinct

You’re probably going to try on plenty of gowns, but brides often say they know ‘the one’ when they find it. Saying yes to the dress is a big decision, though, so it helps to trust your instinct. 

Go for the dress that makes you feel unbelievably amazing, comfortable, and at ease. Sure, take advice from your mum or bridesmaids, but at the end of the day, it’s your wedding or elopement. You’re the one wearing the dress, so the choice should be yours alone! 

How To Find Your Perfect Wedding Gown In Melbourne

Give it time

Please don’t leave your dress shopping until the last minute! In Melbourne, and Australia-wide, many industries are experiencing shortages and delays due to the pandemic. This means that if your dress will be made overseas and then shipped to Melbourne, it can take months to arrive. 

Plus, you need to leave time for any alterations – your bridal shop can advise you on timeframes for this, but expect that they may take a few weeks at minimum. I don’t want any brides to miss out on their beautifully unique wedding dress in Melbourne due to production delays! 

Wedding dress shopping is such a big (and fun) part of the wedding planning process, but I know it’s also a huge decision. If you have any questions about how your dress ideas might match up with your photography vision for the day, I’d be happy to help. Your dress should be modern, romantic and unique – just like you!

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