5 Most Interesting Wedding Venues In Melbourne

Finding a wedding venue can be a headache. Between collaborating with your spouse-to-be and their family to agree on something that aligns with everybody’s taste as well as finding a beautiful-yet-affordable location, the process of choosing a place to get married can be downright overwhelming. But don’t throw your hands up and elope just yet – if you’re looking to get married in Melbourne then my list of the five most interesting wedding venues in Melbourne will be just the thing you need to get started on your search!

The Substation

Located on Market Street, Newport, The Substation is an exclusive and exciting venue for anyone who wants to add a touch of class to their nuptials. It’s also easy to tailor the venue and decorate it according to your tastes – according to The Substation’s website, the venue “lends itself to limitless creative opportunities”.

Besides the classy atmosphere, The Substation is a fairly nice size: It can accommodate weddings that have anywhere from 80 to 200 guests. And no matter what kind of wedding and reception you want – be that a sit-down formal dinner, a cocktail party, or just a simple ceremony – The Substation is willing to help you create your ideal event.

Be aware that The Substation tends to get a lot of enquiries and, as such, fills up quite quickly. The Substation isn’t only used for weddings – it also presents a curated arts program each year, which means space comes at a premium. So if you’d like to get married there, it’s probably best to get in touch now and get a date on the calendar.

Check out their website here: thesubstation.org.au/

The Substation wedding
The Substation Newport Wedding
The Substation Wedding

Altar Electric

Altar Electric calls itself “the hippest little wedding chapel this side of Vegas” and by all accounts the venue lives up to its name. Altar Electric is meant for couples who like to live a little on the weird and wild side – if the thought of the registry office makes you squirm, this is the venue for you.

One thing’s for sure: Altar Electric is anything but boring. The venue is inspired by the chapels of Vegas, with their neon lights and laissez-faire attitude. It can hold 20 people, so enjoy some time with only your closest friends and family members (if you really can’t pare down the guest list, the venue offers options for larger parties at a higher price). Best of all, dogs are allowed! If you want your furry friend to be your best man or maid of honour, that’s completely allowed.

The booking process is easy, too. Just take a look at the calendar to see when the venue is available, send Altar Electric an email, and then submit your paperwork and hang tight. On the day of the big event, your only job is to show up—no stress, no hassle, just “Melbourne’s most rocking way to get hitched”.

Check out their website here: thealtarelectric.com.au/

Altar Electric Wedding
Photo by Oli Sansom

Forty Five Downstairs

Forty Five Downstairs is a creative hub that regularly showcases artists, but it can also host your Melbourne wedding. The theatre and gallery are a mixture of trendy and classy, and you can hold your wedding ceremony and/or the reception at Forty Five Downstairs. Availability is limited, however, and the theatre season comes first—so if you’d like to book a date within the next 12-15 months, do it now.

If you hold your wedding at Forty Five Downstairs, you can invite anywhere from 30 to 160 guests, with the option of including an audio-visual package. And best of all? Forty Five Downstairs partners with Ed Dixon Food Design, a company that won Events Caterer of the Year 2018 at the Savour Australia™ Restaurant & Catering Hostplus Awards – so you can book your venue and caterer all in one!

Check out their website here: www.fortyfivedownstairs.com/wp2016/

Forty Five Downstairs wedding
Forty Five Downstairs wedding
Forty Five Downstairs wedding

Two Ton Max

Two Ton Max is a simple venue that describes itself as a “blank canvas” ready for you to come in and create your dream event from scratch – choose your décor, caterer, and all the other details. This former industrial warehouse in north Melbourne can hold 200 people and includes a bar with a commercial kitchen. The space has beautiful polished concrete floors, large skylights that let in the sun and there’s also a full audio/visual system.

Two Ton Max has air conditioning, bathrooms, and just about anything else you could need. It’s also very easy to set up for your ceremony and/or reception thanks to the unrestricted on-street parking, flexible electrical layout, and the two-ton capacity crane. Two Ton Max is even environmentally friendly – the building itself is reused and some materials are recycled, too. If you’re after an interesting wedding venue in Melbourne that’s easy to transform, Two Ton Max would be a great first option.  

Check out their website here: twotonmax.com.au/

Rupert On Rupert

Rupert On Rupert is a quirky wedding venue in Melbourne with an indoor garden, vintage furniture, and a conservatory that looks like an “evergreen cathedral” (a charming place to walk the aisle!) with ample space for your wedding party to spread out. The staff are full of smiles, the in-house chef produces delicious Mediterranean food and Rupert’s bar is stocked with wine from all over the world.

The ceiling protects guests from unpredictable Melbourne weather while still letting in plenty of natural light. There’s no extra fee for an on-site ceremony, so you can host both your ceremony and your reception without the faff of having to change venues. Rupert’s owner even doubles as a wedding coordinator and would be happy to help you plan your special day. This Melbourne wedding venue can seat 80 people for a sit-down wedding reception with dinner, or 200 for a standing cocktail party. Plan an evening wedding in Rupert on Rupert and profess your love in a “starlit wonderland.”

Check out their website here: rupertonrupert.com.au/

Rupert on Rupert wedding
Rupert on Rupert wedding
Rupert on Rupert wedding
Rupert On Rupert Wedding

One quick note before you go…

A Melbourne wedding is never a bad idea: Melbourne is a beautiful coastal city with lots of hidden gems with regards to venues. Melbourne is known, however, for often giving its residents four seasons in one day. So as you plan your wedding, make sure to carefully consider the time of year and have a backup plan that can be carried out indoors. After all, you don’t want your perfect wedding ruined by the weather!

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