Pre-Wedding Photos: in the Dreamy Wineglass Bay Australia

Okay! I’ve got one of the best pre-wedding photo locations in all of Australia here – Wineglass Bay in Tasmania. If you’ve been dreaming of an Australian pre-wedding shoot, then believe me, Wineglass Bay deserves a spot on your list.

Wineglass Bay offers the best of the Australian landscapes in one place. It’s the kind of spot that’ll stop you in your tracks and force you to take that deep breath that relaxes your entire body.

The first major drawcard: with Tasmania being an island off the Australian mainland, Wineglass Bay is a less popular destination for pre-wedding photos than around Sydney or Melbourne. So, if you’re after unique photos in the heart of Mother Nature, then Wineglass Bay is your spot.

Secondly, it’s super accessible from all major airports in Australia & only a 1-hour flight from Melbourne.

Read on to see whether Wineglass Bay Tasmania is the perfect location for your pre-wedding photos. I’ve included information on getting there, accommodation, and what to do while you’re there (after you’ve nailed the photoshoot).

Getting there

Considering how remote it is, Wineglass Bay is relatively simple to get to.

Hobart International Airport is the closest major airport, with a 2.5-hour drive. The Capital of Tasmania, Hobart has great restaurants, bars & shopping as well as being right on the water. I’d recommend starting your trip here and spending at least 1-2 nights exploring. It’s also the home of Mona – Museum of Old & New Art, which I’ll touch on later.

Alternatively, you can opt for Launceston Airport, which is about a 2-hour drive. Both airports are well-connected to major Australian cities, so you’ve got options.

Once you’re on the island grab yourself a rental car from the airport. It’s a small island that takes roughly 3 hours to drive from one side to the other. For international drivers who may be concerned about driving whilst in Australia, it is a LOT quieter than Melbourne and Sydney.

The road trip will be an adventure in itself – epic coastal scenery, heaps of wildlife including Kangaroos, wombats, Kolas & echidnas, as well as picturesque towns to explore – another reason why Tasmania is the perfect location for pre-wedding photos!


Now, when it comes to where to stay, my favourite option is the charming stays on either Airbnb or Riparide. You’ll find everything from cozy beachside cottages to swanky coastal retreats.

Your accommodation is also a great spot to start your pre-wedding shoot – that way you get a variety of images that include some indoor shots at your unique accomodation. Think of your pre-wedding style and try and match it with your accomodation.

I’d recommend getting accomodation close to Wineglass Bay for at least the night of your pre-wedding photoshoot. That way you can get ready there whilst getting some photos and not stress about time when traveling to and from Wineglass Bay.

If you need help or would like some advice when choosing your accomodation please reach out.

After Your Pre-Wedding photoshoot

So, once you’ve nailed your pre-wedding photoshoot in Tasmania Australia, don’t pack up just yet. Here are my three must-visit spots on the island of Tasmania.

Hobart: Tasmania’s charming capital city. You’ll find delicious food, great nightlife, shopping, and beautiful coastal scenery. Also, the home to the Mona – Museum of Old and New Art. Mona is a must-visit for art lovers and those looking for a unique experience in Tasmania.

Cradle Mountain: Cradle Mountain is all about hiking in a national park with breathtaking views. An epic experience for those wanting to get into the wilderness.

Bruny Island: Hop on a ferry to Bruny Island where you can get up close with wildlife, take a scenic drive along the coast, and relax on pristine beaches.

If you’re keen on an epic adventure be sure to add one of the best pre-wedding photo locations in Australia to your list – Wineglass Bay. You’re in for a treat that blends natural beauty, character, and adventure into one insane journey.

Victoria has its own collection of hidden treasures so for even more pre-wedding inspiration, check out my blog post on “5 Hidden Gems for Your Pre-Wedding Location in Victoria.”

I’d love to hear your ideas & dream destinations – please reach out on IG @freethebirdweddings, or send me an email: hi@freethebird.com.au.

Happy planning and exploring,

Morgan x

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