Brittany & Jack

I often ask my self why do I love documenting weddings so much? Then when I am at a wedding I remember what a wedding is. It is everyone celebrating two people coming together and these two people sharing their love with all their friends and family.

No matter what someones occupation or how much wealth they have, we are all human and all show emotion in front of one another. Weddings bring this commonality of humans out and makes us all feel a little more similar then different. Weddings are moments in time when the only thing that seems to matter in people lives is their happiness and the happiness of the people around them.

I love seeing people let down their guard and dance. I love seeing deep conversations between loved ones that haven’t seen each other in a long time. I love seeing the grandmas and grandpas filled with joy being surrounded by their family, their hearts filled seeing their children and their children’s, children. I love the tears of all the fathers that try to hold themselves together and realise they don’t need to. I love seeing brides being adored by all that look. I love seeing grooms being happy and proud of all they have.

So yeah, I guess I just love all the small ‘real’ moments that make life so enjoyable.

I also love the fact that I have the ability to capture these moments with my own creativity and present them to the couple and their families. And these images mean so much to an entire family and only increase in worth to the family as time goes on.


This is Brittany & Jack. They had their wedding at Port Phillip Estate, just outside of Melbourne. I will let you see the story below…