Wedding Slideshow

Imagine the excitement as you open an email that announces your very own wedding slideshow is ready. You sit down with your loved one, pour a glass of red or indulge in a bowl of ice cream (or both), snuggle in, press play and see your incredible wedding photos for the first time. Now imagine reliving each moment and feeling every emotion of your wedding day all over again.

Wedding slideshow

Slideshows are such a special way of showcasing your wedding; I love bringing all the elements of your story together.  Slideshows highlight the unique story of your day, moments you didn’t even know were captured and images of your favourite people. Your wedding images are set to beautiful music that I hand pick to reflect your day with all its emotion and beauty.

Slideshows are a perfect way to share your day too. Either as a viewing party with all your favourites or simply send the link on to loved ones who live away.

Check out this Wedding at Stones Of The Yarra Valley

If Free the Bird is your wedding photographer you can look forward to experiencing your day in the perfect little slideshow package that you can watch over and over.

Here are some special words my couples have sent me after watching their slideshow of their wedding highlights:

Jai did a terrific job capturing the essence and emotion of our special day. The photos were beautiful and soundtrack that was paired with them reflected the atmosphere of the day perfectly. Together they really brought to life the story of our wedding, and seeing it for the first time in this personalised way was quite a moving experience – one that we were really happy to be enjoying together (along with a glass of wine in hand). – Darren & Ashleigh



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  1. Sarah Weber says:

    A beautiful and timeless way to showcase a wedding. Gorgeous work as always.