Unplugged weddings

Many photographers are not happy with the idea of other people at weddings with cameras. And for good reason, they can potentially interfere with your best photo or an important part of the day.
Personally, I have no problem with friends and family bringing their cameras to the weddings I shoot. It is your wedding day and your friends and family, so I will work around everyone to make sure I get the best possible photos.

‘Unplugged weddings’ are on the rise. An Unplugged wedding, simply means you kindly ask your guests to keep their phones and cameras in their pockets for the duration of the ceremony and sometimes reception.

unplugged wedding

It is not always bad news to have people use their phones to take photos on your wedding day. I think for me, having phones in my images is a great way to show a certain time the photo was taken. Imagine in 50 years time and you are showing your grandkids photos from your wedding and the guests are holding iPhone 3’s, taking photos for Instagram! It would be one crazy sight!

On the flipside,  unplugged weddings can be a great idea to keep all your guests in the moment. Sometimes people can go overboard with their phones and iPads and they can really get in the way of a great shot.

I do believe what ever you decide, just make sure you are happy. It is your day, and if you want the guests to get a few extra photos, that is not a problem. If you want to keep the whole wedding of peoples devices, that is good as well.

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  1. Sarah Weber says:

    Well said. Great to have an unplugged ceremony but on the other hand great to show history of technology.