Behind the scenes with TOKO Events

Toko Events is new on the wedding scene and it is never easy for a new business. I worked with these guys a couple of times and loved what they were doing. So I thought I would get in touch with them and get a little insight into what they do and why.
It is always good for me to connect with other creatives in the industry and learn from other businesses that are treading their own paths. So let’s throw a few questions at these guys and hopefully it gives us a good insight into event management for weddings.

What is your vision for your business?

We focus on forming meaningful relationships in order to truly deliver a service that meets our client’s needs. We pride ourselves on our openness to new ideas and our ability to always find creative solutions. We value everyone’s contributions and love to make the whole experience as enjoyable for others as it is for us.

We love to support suppliers and businesses in our industry, just as others have done for us. We offer complete financial transparency so everyone can feel comfortable with the whole process from the get go.

Our respectful and genuine approach to all aspects of Toko Events is what defines us and what others love about us too.

How big is the Toko Events team?

There are three of us and we just love working together! We each have distinct roles and passions but we’re all very hands on when it comes to weddings. So, if we are working on your wedding, you will get to know all of us really well!

Dan is our resident DJ and manages the ‘business’ side of things. Judith lives and breathes events, she would do this for free as she loves it so much, and Romy is the artist of details, ensuring everything is immaculate.

Toko Events

We have worked together on some great weddings, how do most clients come across your services?

Mostly word of mouth – which we love – nothing makes us happier than to know our clients want Toko to look after the weddings of their friends and family too.


What advice would you give a couple of lovers looking for a wedding planner?

Make sure you connect with your planner.  It’s so much more enjoyable to be around someone you can have a laugh with and who makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. The wedding planner becomes a part of your journey and will be with you every step of the way – bouncing ideas, solving problems and creating with you, your perfect wedding.

Choose a planner who genuinely LOVES weddings. Weddings are not just another event. Each wedding is so unique as each couple is completely unique.  Passionate and skilful wedding planners are able to capture the special quality of the couple and make it resonate through every moment of the day.

We always suggest meeting up for a coffee or a cheeky drink so we have the opportunity to get to know each other before we get started!


How can a wedding planner help with a wedding?

The time between the proposal and wedding is such a precious time for couples and it’s really easy to get lost in the stress that comes with all the organising. Especially if you’ve never organised a wedding before!

We can do as much or as little as you would like. From arranging every single detail, like the perfect venue, suggesting suppliers that suit your vision to managing RSVP’s, seating plans and everything inbetween. We can also step in just before the big day and support the flow of your wedding by ensuring everything runs on time, taking care of the communication with all your suppliers and all the tiniest of details that make your day that little bit more amazing.

Whatever it is and however much involvement you want, we are there so you can just enjoy this magical time.


What music would typically be playing on your favourite playlist?

At the moment Dan’s loving Chet Faker and Fela Ku. Romy is playing Jungle, Total Giovanni and Judith cant get enough of Solange and JJ Cale. But we would probably have a different answer for this question every week!

To get in touch with this crew regarding event planning in Melbourne, here are their contact details.. 

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  1. Judith says:

    Thank you, Jai – we had so much fun hanging out with you and talking events! We’re totally inspired by the images you capture! ❤✨