Sydney Photography Workshop

Putting on a Sydney wedding photography workshop is always such a big task. Putting together all the content, organising a space, all the sponsors and food. It can be overwhelming for me in the lead up to the workshop. But once everyone gets together and I see all these eager faces, it makes it all worth it. A workshop does more than just help people with their business/photography problems, it creates a community and a support network of people on the same journey.

At these workshops I get so surprised by how diverse the groups can be. You get people that are just starting out and they are looking for a reason to quit their 9-5 and you get photographers that have been in the industry for 15+ years. I think it is worthwhile for everyone to invest in themselves, no matter how much they know or how good they are. We are always learning and the moment we stop is the moment we should choose a different path.

A workshop lets me see others grow and succeed and lets me invest my time into people that are willing to listen and learn. Click here to learn more about my website.

I’ve been running these workshops since 2015, and I’m now happy to share my new podcast with you, and let you know that I’ve created and launched a comprehensive course on up-selling, and created shop items including the very Light Room presets that I use, and other nifty items for photographers. On top of that, I’ve got way more products and resources for you ready to launch for next year.

All of these projects are focussed on creating accessible, relatable and affordable resources for Creative Business owners that provide you with digestible advice on how to create more revenue streams in your business,  better workflow practices, and how to better serve your clients.

photography workshop sydney sydney photography workshop sydney photography workshop

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  1. Samuel Oga Agogo says:

    I will like to know the cost of your workshop and the requirements. I am from Africa