Wedding Photo Booth

The Raddest Melbourne Photo Booth

The wedding photo booth equates to only one thing…FUN! We may be a little bias but we believe we have the raddest photo booth in Melbourne and we have proof, introducing The Heartbreak Hotel

Melbourne photo booth

The Props

People love the fun vibes of our Melbourne photo booth and jump on in to party all smiles. There are a few hot favourites that people grab from our props table, flashy wigs that can turn you into a sparkly diva, hats and glasses that almost disguise you and your shenanigans and confetti, because confetti.

Photo Booth Features

The best thing about having a wedding photo booth, aside from the fabulous entertainment and party vibes are it helps get photos of all the guests at your wedding, especially after a few drinks. Our Heartbreak Hotel photo booth is a modern, open- air booth, which means it’s flexible with space and can fit perfectly into any wedding venue. It also has an awesome range of backdrops; think beautiful deep velvets or bright tropical Flamingo feels, a range to suit your taste and wedding style. Check out some of the inner city Melbourne photo booth weddings Heartbreak Hotel set up at.

Melbourne wedding Photo booth Melbourne wedding Photo booth

Photos Straight To You

Every photo captured on the booth is delivered to you at the end of your wedding, and if I shoot your whole wedding the photos can also be added to your wedding album so you can relive those memories of the time you and your best mates having the greatest party ever! Some of our amazing Melbourne photo booth couples have used the photos for Thank You Cards, filled their social media feeds with fun or plastered their actual physical walls with prints.

Melbourne wedding Photo booth Melbourne Photobooth

How to Join the fun

You can check in to our Melbourne photo booth, Heartbreak Hotel and see if there’s a vacancy. We’ve worked really hard to create this baby of ours and we’d love you to have a look. Thanks for letting us rave about all things confetti and party, we feel passionate about it, now get in the booth for a photo with us.

To find out more, please head over to Heartbreakbooth.com.au or send an email to checkin@heartbreakbooth.com.au

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