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Wedding floristry is such a big part of modern and traditional ceremonies and receptions. Flowers can really set the mood and bring out personality at any wedding. So I thought I would get an insight from one of my favourite florists, Ame from Raven and The Rose. I have worked with Ame on many weddings and I love her style and approach. Hopefully this article can give you a little insight into wedding floristry.

Raven and the rose

Ame, I love seeing your botanical styling at many weddings I shoot, how do you keep every arrangement so unique to each wedding?
Well we know every couple has their own unique style, so of course naturally they want to reflect this on their big day & flowers can play a big role in this. I’m here to guide a couple through this process with what’s in season at the time & what can work with their ideas. If they are open to suggestions though, this is where a florist really has some fun. An artist can never recreate the same master piece twice after all.

I know a lot of work goes into floristry, from flower markets early in the morning, choosing colour pallets and selecting plants, making bouquets and styling wedding ceremony and receptions. What part of the job do you enjoy the most and why?
Ah that’s easy, it’s what I call the ‘florist high’ .. It’s the feeling I get after completing another killer job! while I’m usually half delirious by this point & slightly sweaty, the feeling of satisfaction/ reward you get at this point of the job is too hard to top… Until you remember you have to bump it all out again at 12am.

You mentioned on your website that you use ‘eco friendly’ & locally grown flowers for all of your events. Why is that an important part of your business?
A sustainable environment for the industry is so important because I love my job & I want to get keep working as a florist until I’m well past my use by!
The sad fact about the flower industry is that these days there are so many imported flowers that people have sort of lost the love of seasons. To me that’s what it’s all about, seeing the flowers change with each season & each wedding a reflective of the time of year. Supporting our local farms & reducing toxic waste should be every florists priority. I’d encourage every couple looking into wedding flowers to challenge the ‘on trend images’ & not be afraid to ask ‘ do we really need to get roses over from Africa or use a toxic floral foam that’s never going to break down? A good florist can create something amazing from the simplest list of ingredients.

Melbourne florist

Do you have any advice for brides/grooms that are looking for the right florist for them?
Definitely meet your florist in person, this way you can get a sense of their genuine style/ experience & you will know whether they are going to get your vibe or have the skills to deliver your flower dreams.

Any tips you can give brides/grooms for when they are making flower selections for their wedding?
I always suggest to go for what’s in season, you are going to end up with the best looking blooms & it will be a constant reflection of your special date each time you look at a wedding photo. If you trust your florist, let them know. I know I always do my best work when a couple give a small brief & a lot of free reign.

You have been kicking ass in the industry for a few years now, has your business always been so successful from the get go? Or have you had to buckle down through the hard times to keep the dream alive like most of us?
Ohh man Raven & the Rose has been a constant work in progress for a fair few years now. I wanted to make sure I had the years of experience working in the industry before I ventured out on my own, as it takes a long time to become a master in any trade. While R&TR mainly specialise in weddings & events it means the winters can be a very cold & poor time. Thankfully I have always been able to work for friends in the industry when I needed. It’s actually only recently that I have been able to call myself 100% self employed, which is pretty amazing!

I am a big fan of listening to a wide range of music in my studio when I am working up a storm. What would we typically find playing in your studio whilst you are making your magic?
Yes for sure, the creative juices do not flow without some back ground tunes! The vibe of the day will depend on who’s working, sometimes it’s triple j or it could be Elvis. I myself listen to everything but I have been known to blast something a little heavier when I need a little pep in my step.

Raven and the Rose

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