benefits of a second photographer

There are many benefits of a second photographer. One of the main benefits is that a wider verity of images can be captured, and therefore create better coverage of the day.

Having a second photographer also allows me to be more creative. Having someone with me to photograph the safe shots enables me to move more freely and seek out images that I wouldn’t usually be able to capture. Getting those extra angles and being in two places at once.

A second photographer is also a great idea if it is a big wedding or you have a big bridal party. It is much easier to organise group photos with two photographers. Also, it can save time during the portraits because one photographer can take portraits of the bridal party whilst the other can give more time to the bride and groom.

Sometimes if you have a tight time schedule, it doesn’t leave much room for error. Having two photographers can work great in those situations. It is like a little back-up plan that you didn’t realise you had.
Often I can be running late into the reception after taking all the family photos and bridal photos and I won’t get a chance to get photos of the details in the venue before everyone arrives.

benefits of a second photographer

My fiancée Leelou is more often then not, my second photographer. I am so lucky I get to work with her and she shares a very similar style to mine, so the photos really compliment each other.

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