10 ways to entertain guests at your wedding

Your wedding day is approaching … let’s talk about how to make it rad.

I have put together a few ideas to help entertain your guests at your wedding reception. They are all fun and some are quite unique. They are a nice way to offer your guests something different while capturing the essence of both you and your spouse. There are so many ways to entertain guests at a wedding, so if you think of any other cool ideas, whack them in the comments!

Photobooth – By Heartbreak Booth

Let your guests get a little crazy, dress up like it’s 1975 and take their own pics! You’ll end up with candid shots of your guests donning oversized wigs, captain’s hats, and rose-coloured glasses. Plus if you choose to create a wedding album you can dedicate a whole spread to the photobooth images!

Heartbreak Hotel Photobooth heartbreak hotel photo booth heartbreak hotel photo booth

Guestbook – By Heartbreak Hotel

A beautiful hardcover guestbook where your guests can paste in their snaps and scribe their well wishes. In this digital age, a hardcopy keepsake is a wonderful way to reminisce for years to come.

Heartbreak hotel guest book

Old School Arcade Games

From pinball to packman, you can’t go past this coin-operated joystick-maneuvered entertainment. An ode to acid wash jeans and oversized shoulder pads, arcade games bring you back to a time when life was rad and digging something had zero to do with a shovel.

Live Music

Live tunes bring awesome energy to a wedding party. It could be a lyrical and mesmerizing folk duo, a larger-than-life five-piece band, or even a DJ spinning tracks you can’t help but bust a move to. No matter the cadence; live music is always a good idea to entertain guests.


Live Illustration – By Emma Leonard

This super-talented being will come to your wedding and sketch your guests at their best. Emma only takes 10 minutes to illustrate one person and the end result is just amazing. Not only do your guests get to take home the stunning artwork, they also have the pleasure of watching Emma work, which is an absolute treat in itself.

Emma Leonard

Whisky Tasting Bar

For those with a love for the smoky amber-tinged elixir, a whisky-tasting bar will add a unique and refined feel to your wedding. Choose your favourites and let your guests enjoy them neat or even shaken into a cocktail. I’ve had clients surprise their spouses by organising this and keeping it a secret until the reception!

Tarot Reading

Crystal balls and crushed velvet, it’s in the stars as they say … so why not get an insight into what the future holds and have a tarot reader at your wedding reception? This is a great conversation starter and also a lovely way to gift your guests with their very own session.

Lawn Games

Remember the days of old with these beauties. Whether it’s quoits, giant Jenga, or croquet, it will undoubtedly get everyone involved and showcase their skill … albeit a little alcohol fuelled!

lawn games at a wedding

lawn games at a wedding

Nail Art

Who doesn’t love a little pampering? This one is not only for the ladies but great for all, both young and old. A nail art station is a fun idea to bring the quirk to your wedding party and will be sure to entertain your guests. The team at I Scream Nails make their own nail polish, it’s vegan and 10-Free; so it’s not tested on animals, contains no animal ingredients, nor does it contain the 10 nasties typically found in off-the-shelf polishes including formaldehyde, parabens or phthalates.

Glitter Bar

If channeling your inner hippie is more your thing— à la Burning Man style—then a glitter bar is a must. Whether you want sparkly eyelids and cheekbones or perhaps an adorned beard, this is one activity that will bring smiles to the faces of all your guests.

glitter bar wedding glitter bar wedding

There you have it, my entertainment picks to avoid ‘boring’ at your wedding. Don’t forget to let me know your thoughts below about the cool activities you have enjoyed at a wedding.

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