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I am as passionate about art as I am business. And that is a strange combination to put into one sentence, but I believe it is necessary to work on both aspects to really push your photography business to new heights. Some people are good at their craft as a photographer, but don’t really know where to start with business. Others have knuckled down and have the business side of things covered, but would love to get in and push their photography to a new level.

The start of wedding season is the perfect time to sharpen up your skills, be inspired and learn some business tricks, ready to charge into the new season. That is why I think August will be the best time for this workshop.

This workshop is very practically driven. I want you to walk away with lots of tangible skills and ideas to put to work in your own business.

Day 1

We will be talking about photography as a craft, how to get better at it, stand out or just learn a few new tricks. I want to break down why you like what you do and talk about our “styles”. I want you to be able to make work that you love and bring more style into what you do.

Workflow methods
(including culling, editing, and album design)
Natural lighting
How to create a style/mood to your images
Live shoot
We will touch on film techniques

Day 2

Lets talk about the scary stuff…business! I want to give you a new perspective on business and show you that it is not scary at all. I will show you how you can use it as a vehicle to do the things you want in life. We will discuss different marketing approaches, how to present your work to clients, adding value to your work and start getting the enquiries you want.

Social Media
Alternative marketing approaches
Adding value to your work
Client liaison
Delivering a customer experience
Work Presentation
How to get your work featured

The workshop will be in Melbourne Australia (Venue to be announced), morning tea and lunch will be provided and we will finish with a big group diner.

Day 1 -10am – 6pm // August 23rd 2016
Day 2 – 10am – 6pm plus diner // August 24th 2016

Cost $1100
Includes your seat, snacks, lunch and a goodies pack.
Excludes transport and accomodation.

What to bring?
Please bring your laptop and a camera.
You will be supplied with a notebook and pen plus some other goodies from sponsors

free the bird workshop


Do I need to know how to use my camera?
Basic camera knowledge is required.
This workshop is designed for photographers who are either wanting to work in the wedding/portrait industry or are already working as a wedding or portrait photographer.

Can I do a payment plan?
Yes! We offer a 50% deposit to reserve your seat and the outstanding amount is due 2 weeks before the event.

Will we keep in touch via a Facebook community for support after the workshop?
After the workshop, you will be added to a secret Facebook group where we can all help each other and network.

Where exactly is the workshop going to take place in Melbourne?
The venue is yet to be confirmed. But it will either be in the Melbourne CBD or within a few km’s of the CBD.

Will this workshop sell out?
We do have a limited amount of space for this event, so you are best to get in quick!

What is the refund policy?
Tickets can be transferred to another person, but not refunded.

How do I secure a place in this workshop?
Just hit this LINK and follow the prompts.

If you have any more questions, please email me at


Kind words from past attendees..

Michael Briggs
“Being a long time appreciator of Jai’s wedding and personal work online – when he first announced a 3 day workshop in the Byron Bay Hinterland alongside Ryan Muirhead in June 2015, I purchased my workshop and plane tickets to attend straight away, as I didn’t want to miss out on such an opportunity.
Jai is such a level headed, honest, and down to earth individual with a very fresh take on wedding photography and the business world surrounding the industry.
I would struggle to put a monetary value on the information, ideas & knowledge I received from him over the course of those couple of days, as it has since helped both my business and photography immensely.
Not to mention, the other likeminded individuals I met at this workshop – which have me covered with both new friends and support for life.
Whether you have attended workshops in the past, or this is your first, I would absolutely recommend spending this time with Jai as a high priority for your photography journey.”

Sophie Baker
“The All Together Workshop with Jai was the best craft-related (and general good-life related) thing I did in 2015. Jai is so open and free with his knowledge and experience. Forging his way swiftly through the photography world on the back of a remarkable life-story-so-far, his positive mindset will change the way you look at everything. The best part was how relaxed he kept things, it was so easy to absorb information, and he is so humble and incredibly genuine, with equal amounts of time for everyone. Get yourself to the Free the Bird workshop, learn good stuff, make good friends – you won’t regret it. I’ll take your spot if you don’t! Also, Leelou is kind of amazing, if she’s around, steal a hug.”

Emanuel Rudnicki
I hadn’t really heard of Jai before his workshop came up, but when I saw the quality of his work I was totally blown away with what he was producing, so much so that I flew across the other side of the country to listen to him speak. What was equally as mind-blowing was his story and how he got to where he was in such a short period of time, part of which is his unique and refreshing approach to business and marketing strategy. If you want to learn something you won’t learn anywhere else, take Jai’s workshop. Not only that, he is one of the nicest and sincere guys you will ever meet, ready to answer any questions you’ll throw at him…and you’ll meet some amazing (and talented) new friends! Highly recommend this to anyone that wants to build their business, learn Jai’s approach to creating a photo and to have some fun while doing so.

Jason Blake
Last year I attended the ‘All Together Workshop’ with Jai Long and Ryan Muirhead, I was so excited!!
I didn’t know what to expect; I’ve been taking photographs for a hell of a long time, could I really learn anything?
I’m not a wedding photographer but I have a love of film and it felt like this was gonna be a good gig, AND IT WAS!
Take out the technical aspects of photography just for a moment; don’t worry, you get plenty of those too. Enter into the world of ‘Jai Long’ where you won’t see photography quite the same again, learning to feel photography, to be spontaneous and to create your own rhythm of seeing and documenting. Jai’s one smart cookie, his stories are real, courageous and inspiring.
The workshop was cleverly crafted and presented, I for one was hanging off the edge of my seat at every session, bet Jai didn’t know that!!!
If you get the chance to participate in one of these workshops you will leave seeing differently and have a hell of blast doing it!!!

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