Blair & Richard

Trentham Estate is a venue that I have wanted to shoot a wedding at for so long now; a beautiful country homestead with old world vibes and the homely feel that I just love. The yard is full of trees and vegetable gardens, proving to be a gorgeous location for a low-key ceremony.

Richard & Blair seriously had the cutest ceremony ever. A tight-knit family huddled in the front row under umbrellas, dodging the patchy rain that wasn’t going to disturb the perfect day.  Beautiful floral installations made for the ideal backdrop; hung alongside the old weatherboard home, contrasting perfectly against the grey clouds above.

The reception was intimate and full of love. A little barrel of fire situated outside made for a memorable refuged to reminisce & keep our hands warm. It was definitely cold! And it only got colder later on whilst I sat through the 2-hour drive home in my heater-less 1967 Valiant. With how perfect the day was, I didn’t seem to mind at all.